I am a trained Matwork (STOTT) Pilates Instructor. You can find my group mat classes at a number of venues around Bristol. I teach 1:2:1 (individuals) and 2:2:1 (two people together) at my home studio in Knowle and across Bristol and Bath.


Jax is a STOTT PILATES ® Certified Instructor and underwent her training at YMCA, as part of Merrithew, in London. She loves sharing her passion with clients and seeing their progress. The benefits of Pilates are endless, from improving posture, increasing flexibility, strengthening and balancing muscles, preventing injury and helping to focus and relax. Pilates can be beneficial to anyone and can help achieve a wide range of health and fitness goals. The basic principles include breathing through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, working on placing the spine through a neutral and stable position, stabilising the shoulder blades, cervical spine and ribcage. During your classes, you will work on activating, strengthening and lengthening muscles that stabilise the rest of your body, at the same time learning a fun repertoire. Commitment to regular classes is important to see progress - recommended once or twice a week and commitment to at least 30 sessions to see results in your body!

You can come to group matwork classes at a number of locations around Bristol - see the schedule for details. Jax teaches 1:2:1 (individuals), 2:2:1 (two people together) within a 2 mile radius of Knowle, Bristol, she can also come to your house and bring mats and small equipment.

If you haven't tried Pilates before then don't be alarmed, you can choose to come first for a private 1:1 session where Jax can take you through the basics and give modifications for your body. The classes progress throughout the sessions, incorporating the more challenging exercises over time, but modifications are always given for those progressing at different stages.

As a child Jax practiced classical ballet and tap dancing and has always been fascinated by movement, with hiking, cycling, swimming and dance. Her passion for cycling propelled her to complete a separate course for Pilates for cyclists with APPI and runs matwork classes for cyclists to improve their strength, flexibility and endurance. Pilates was originally introduced to Jax via her Osteopath for management of EDS(a joint hypermobility condition). After going to weekly matwork classes with a STOTT Pilates Instructor, she was astonished at how pilates changed her body in only a matter of months, enabling her to feel stronger, pain free and more in tune with her body.

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